Malaysia Visa Requirement & Other Information’s for Bangladeshi Passport Holders.
Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka
House No. 19, Road No. 6,
Baridhara, Dhaka-1212,
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Tourist Visa Requirements:
1. Original passport (minimum six months validity from travel date)
2. 02 copy recent original photos from studio lab print (Photo size 35/50 mm, back ground white, frontal view, without dark glasses and
head gear (except for religious purpose) scan photo with scan paper not allowed.
3. Original last six months bank statement & solvency certificate. (Personal or company)
4. Photocopy of trade license with renewal page.
5. Forwarding letter for businessman & job holder (Letter issue on original company pad or office pad), (NOC for government service
6. 02 copy original visiting cards for businessman & job holder
7. ID card for job holder & student.
8. Leave letter for job holder & student.
9. Photocopy of National ID card Birth certificate.
10. Marriage Certificate (Only for couple & notary original translation copy)
11. Undertaking Letter from Company (for Group)
12. Hotel Booking.
13. Tour plan.
14. Return air ticket booking.
For any specific query, please call 8801611652653
Business Visa Requirements:
1. Passport validity should not be less than 6 months from the time of application.
2. One set of passport photocopy of pages 1-5 & renewal page if any.
3. 1 set of original visa application form completely filled in with sign as per passport.
4. 2 copies of recent passport sized photograph.( Back ground White) (35mmx50mm)
5. Visa request letter from the office if employed/ Business letter pad if business.
6. Trade license photocopy shown for business. (Original copy of trade license might also be required in certain cases)
7. Updated bank statement for the last 6 months with original name, seal, sign of authorized person & bank solvency certificate if first
time traveler. Minimum Balance 50,000 tk. per person.
8. Booking Return air ticket
9. Visiting card.
10. Other paper (invitation Letter) etc. ( if any)
For any specific query, please call 8801611652653
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